Has 2020 Got You Thinking its time for a change?

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Real Estate

1. Everyone could use some space. Whether it's because the kids are out of school, or you and your roommates are spending every waking moment at home, there comes a time when there's no substitute for additional square feet.

2. A home office has become a ‘must'. Have you found yourself (and maybe your significant other) all of a sudden working from home? Setting up and breaking down your ironing-board standing desk every day isn't going to cut it forever.

3. Get busy living. Maybe city life has you burned out, or you're suddenly untethered from your office and you've always dreamed of a peaceful mountain cabin. If world events have you reconsidering what's important, it could be time to go for it.

4. You're ready. Even if you've been saving for years, done your research and your income is secure, it still might feel like 2020 wants you to hit ‘pause' on making a move. But if you are ready, you can lock in a rock-bottom interest rate in a market where the future is uncertain.